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Landlord Tenant Disputes

Landlord tenant disputes need to be mediated by proper legal professionals. If a tenant does not pay the rent or damages property than it is the law that the landlord can claim damages. Very few landlords are successful in pursuing bad tenants and rarely have their claims resolved. The experts at TRG Legal can assist in bringing tenants who default with their payments or damage building property in paying for damages to the landlord. Our team of Legal Experts, Paralegals and referred Lawyers have years of successful experience.

  • Default tenants
  • Damaged property
  • Criminal damages
  • Owe rent

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  • Unsafe living conditions
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Defense against landlord harassment
  • Landlord negligence

If a landlord has been negligent and a tenant needs legal advice, than TRG Legal Services team of Paralegals and Referred Lawyers and Paralegals can help. If the rented space is unsafe, has mold, unsanitary conditions, needs an elevator or stairs repaired, than the landlord needs to be held accountable with the full help of the law. No one should ever have to live or work in those poor conditions and our Paralegals and Referred Lawyers will make sure of it. The TRG Legal Tenant Landlord Dispute Specialists have worked with many tenants over the years defending their rights and protect them against landlords that have become slumlords.

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