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Small Claims

Taking an errant debtor to small claims court can be very difficult for a person or business owner. The laws in Canada are there to protect private citizens and businesses from being harassed and from losing their own hard earned money. Using a collections agency is often a last resort, however, if you need to file a claim in small claims court to get back money from an errant debtor then you can call the experts at TRG Legal Services. The Small Claims Court Specialists at TRG Legal Services can provide you with the right advice and proper help to make sure that you go about recovering your stolen money.

  • Small claims court
  • Errant debtors
  • Money owed for services
  • Personal loan recovery
  • Misused credit card
  • Stolen credit card

When a person or business goes in pursuit of debtors through small claims court they often get discouraged by the process and very few claims are ever settled successfully when done privately. Even if you get a ruling in your favour you may not retrieve any of your money. Let the team of TRG Legal Services expert Paralegals and their referred expert Lawyers help win your small claims court case and retrieve your hard earned money.

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